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June 24, 2011

1964 Hollywood Vassarette Munsingwear Sales Promotion Kit

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Today, the “Penguin” golf shirt may be Munsingwear’s most recognized creation, but underwear was the company’s foundation. From 1890-1980, Munsingwear produced innovative undergarments, including the union suit and silk plated wool, for men, women, and children.

The Hollywood Vassarette division, established in 1958, specialized in women’s fashionable coordinated undergarments. This colorful sales promotion kit represents Munsingwear’s commitment to producing undergarments to complement a season’s trends and to create a desired silhouette. The 1964 sales promotion kit folder contains four full-color advertisements, a full-color foldout with merchandise display suggestions, and an illustrated booklet,  “A Re-cap of Our Fashion Notebook for Spring-Summer, 1964”, describing the current trends.

Sales Promotion Kit: Hollywood Vassarette, 1963. Munsingwear, Inc. Records. Minnesota Historical Society.

An online inventory for the Munsingwear collection is available at http://www.mnhs.org/library/findaids/00206.xml

Sehri Strom, Collections Assistant

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