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May 31, 2011

Letter from H. C. Simpson to Ignatius Donnelly – May 31, 1861

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Letter from H. C. Simpson to Donnelly informing him of men raised in Lake City.

“A large number of the citizens of this town have organized themselves into an independent military company of infantry under the laws of this state, and a roll of sufficient number has been forwarded to the Col of this Regimental District as required by law.  We shall in a few days have a company of about one hundred, and shall hope to get into service if opportunity offers.  We want arms and accouterments for the company and you will oblige me personally if you will see that our company have proper arms as soon as possible.  We are anxious to be drilling and perfecting our selves as fast as possible. I enclose you a list of names, and the officers of the company recommended for commissions.  Will you please see that the officers elect have commissions forthwith?  We are ready to give ample bonds for the arms and accoutrements as soon as possible.”

Citation: May 31, 1861 Letter from H. C. Simpson to Ignatius Donnelly, Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers, April – May 1861. Ignatius Donnelly and Family Papers. Minnesota Historical Society.

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2 Responses to “Letter from H. C. Simpson to Ignatius Donnelly – May 31, 1861”

  1. Jane Bonner Says:

    I have just discovered a book belonging to H. C. Simpson with a very similar signature which is dated 1888 I believe it was a book given out by state office holders here in Pennsylvania. Are you interested in this?

    Lori reply on September 4th, 2012:

    Hi. What is the title of the book, please? Our interest likely would depend on the topic, not just that it was owned by him.
    Please let me know either here or by emailing me directly: lori...@mnhs.org
    Thank you for thinking of us; we appreciate it!
    Best, Lori

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