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Vulcanus Rex ‘Flame’ coat

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Vulcanus Rex 'Flame' coat

St. Paul Winter Carnival ‘Flame’ Coat with name tag and 1968 Carnival button. Worn by Vulcanus Rex XXI, Howard Christensen. Manufactured by Stanbury & Co. Uniforms, Brookfield, MO., 1968.

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The Rollicking Realm of Boreas: A Legend

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Rollicking Realm of BoreasRollicking Realm of Boreas, back cover

The Rollicking Realm of Boreas: A Legend…As told to Minnesota Children as the North Wind Roars Across Boreas’ Realm.

Patrick Coleman, Acquisitions Librarian, says: “You don’t know the Winter Carnival until you have read this.” It is a charming telling of the mythology behind Carnival, written by Frank Madden (Boreas Rex of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, 1937) and published in 1941. It ends:

“You have cheered them mightily, Good Boreas,” said the Queen, “The ten days of Carnival you have proclaimed have been abundantly fulfilled. Health and vigor you have imparted to them, joy you have brought them, Boreas – is it not best that my good people enjoy these beneficent blessings and return to the pursuit of their labors?”

He agrees, and returns to Olympus.

Here’s to the end of winter!

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“Hi, neighbor!”

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

St. Paul Winter Carnival button features King Boreas, the St. Paul skyline, and the Minneapolis skyline. The button reads, ” ‘HI, NEIGHBOR!’ ‘ / 1953 / SAINT PAUL / WINTER CARNIVAL / JAN.30 thru FEB.8″.  Manufacturer unknown, 1953.

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Winter Carnival uniform

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Winter Carnival uniform

When Carnival returned in 1917, people from Schuneman’s and Evan’s Department Store celebrated in style! This was the group’s marching uniform. Imagine a whole bunch of people wearing this coming toward you…

Yellow heavy wool coat and knickers style pants with blue and white polka dots and black stripes. The coat front fastens with four buttons and a self-belt with two buttons. The letters “S&E”  (Schuneman’s and Evan’s Department Store) are on the left sleeve. Coat label reads, “Genuine Summit Mackinaw coat.”  The pants fasten with six buttons inside waistband. Circa 1917.

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