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January 21, 2011

Zip gun made in Hopkins

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Zip gun made in Hopkins

Single shot pistol or ‘zip gun,’ an improvised firearm. Made by a student at Hopkins High School in 1945. The iron gun with cross-hatched wood grips looks like a semiautomatic pistol. The barrel tips up for loading. The pistol was purchased at Berntsen’s Gun Shop circa 1990.

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One Response to “Zip gun made in Hopkins”

  1. Carlito Brigante Says:

    When I was a kid in East Harlem…

    …the wops said…

    …no spics could go east of Park Avenue.

    Spooks said: “No ‘Ricans west of Fifth Avenue”.

    That don’t leave you much room to maneuver.

    Say you want to go to Central Park, play with the ducks. You’re shit outta luck.

    So what do you do? You go anyway.

    I’m up on 106th Street, Central Park, near the lake.

    I get caught by these Copiens. Right? They surround me.

    So I get my blood up, pull out my blade.

    I said: “Come on! I’ll take any one of you mothers!”

    They say: “No, man. We’re gonna kill your ass”. Out come the zip guns.

    Homemade gun.

    You pull the hook back, catch that bullet square, ping.

    Hit you in the head, man, you got serious problems.

    That was the last chase on me like that…

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