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December 27, 2010

‘Trim Twist, The Executive Exerciser’

Filed under: Item of the Day — Adam Harris @ 4:10 am

'Trim Twist, The Executive Exerciser'

Do seasonal social gatherings and holiday dinner parties leave you feeling bloated and weighed down? Is your figure closer in resemblance to Santa’s than to Sarah Palin’s? Never fear, the solution is here! Heave those heaping hips, bust those bulging thighs and twist your way to a tighter tush with the 1968 Trim Twist Executive Exerciser! Constructed of sturdy, heavy pressed board and mounted on a metal turning mechanism, the Trim Twist will have you digging out those old Chubby Checker 45’s and Twisting the Day Away! Designed to fit snugly underneath the desk in your cubicle!

'Trim Twist, The Executive Exerciser''Trim Twist, The Executive Exerciser'

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9 Responses to “‘Trim Twist, The Executive Exerciser’”

  1. Kristen Albinson Says:

    My grandparents had the Trim Twist. I remember playing on it as a kid a few times on the medium-length white shag in their groovy mid-century bedroom.

  2. Gary Miller Says:

    This appeared under our tree in the early 60’s as well – part of the Chubby Checker Twist craze!

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  5. Mari Bell Says:

    Does anyone know where I could find a Trim Twist for sale? My grandmother had one and my mom wants to get her another for her birthday.

    James L. reply on February 29th, 2012:

    Just bought a trim twist today at estate auction, its in amazing shape and works like new. Sometime in the next few days we will auction on ebay, if you are interested in buy it now before auction let me know. I can ship anywhere in the states and/or Canada.

    Vicki reply on March 5th, 2012:

    Hi there – My Mom gave me hers (that i grew up with) and my office is crazy over it. Just curious how much you are selling it for – I may be interested. thanks.


  6. Shahla Fadaie Says:

    I have a Trim Twist, it was given to me years ago. I just Google the name to learn about it. It is a fascinating piece of work, I love it.

  7. Carol Sullivan Says:

    I was a Trim Twist Girl store demonstrator! It was my first job in high school “no experience necessary” in the summer of 1968. I twisted for about 4 hours at a time next to the cosmetics department at J.C. Penney. $1.60 an hour and 10¢ for every one I sold. I am looking for one because I remember how well they worked. I can recite the whole spiel on demand!

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