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November 9, 2010

Swede Hollow Etching

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Swede Hollow - George Earl Resler

Swede Hollow
by George Earl Resler (1882-1954)
Etching, circa 1915-1925

Swede Hollow was one of the oldest settlements in Saint Paul, Minnesota, occupied originally by Swedish immigrants in the 1850’s. The neighborhood also later served as a home for other groups of new Minnesotans, including Polish, Italian, and Mexican Americans.  George Earl Resler, a Minnesota printmaker, was exceptionally skillful at finding and conveying the beauty of routine, everyday scenes. As he does here, Resler often depicted tenement housing, back alleys, and even difficult labor conditions, realities that were often purposefully overlooked or ignored by many Minnesotans.

Benjamin Gessner, Collections Assistant

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