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November 30, 2010

Fallout shelter water storage can

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Fallout shelter water storage can

Fallout shelter water storage can: a 17 ½ gallon barrel issued by the  Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, to be used primarily for storing drinking water. Instructions in yellow on this cylindrical olive green steel barrel explain not only how to properly store drinking water, but how to convert the barrel to a commode if needed. Manufactured by the Malleable Iron Range Company, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, 1963.

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2 Responses to “Fallout shelter water storage can”

  1. mary lund Says:

    We had these lining the basement hallways of my high school.
    I wonder if they’re still there…

  2. ben gessner Says:

    I just noticed this last weekend that my wife’s grandmother has one in her kitchen – she uses it for storing bags of bulk food!

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