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November 10, 2010

Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940

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On November 11th of each year, Americans celebrate Veteran’s Day, acknowledging the services and sacrifices of the men and women of the American military. But in the minds of many Minnesotans the day evokes an additional memory: that of a powerful winter storm that exploded over Minnesota in 1940 and is remembered today as the Armistice Day Blizzard. Collections Assistant Tony Krosschell discusses this tragic event that took over 150 lives and its impact on the National Weather Service’s forecasting practices.

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18 Responses to “Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940”

  1. Steve Schmidt Says:

    This was a great podcast! I enjoyed the photos and narrative. Very well thought out and produced podcast. Great job!

  2. Cheryl Theisen Says:

    My father talks often about this horrible storm as he was only 11 at the time, but would never forget it. I learned about it as a teenager when he gave me a book to read about the events that day. This podcast does a great job conveying what happened that day and inspires me to look more into it as an adult. Thank you!

  3. Barb Skoog Says:

    I loved this! I remember my grandmother talking about the storm and have always been fascinated by it. The photos were great. The only photo of the storm I had ever seen before was the one of the hunters in the snow. Seeing all the stranded cars on the freeway and the men and women walking to work in the morning without coats was amazing! Thanks for a great trip down memory lane, from the warmth of my heated home!

  4. Heidi Says:

    I knew nothing about this. Learned something new today! Very interesting. Great presentation Mr. Krosschell.

  5. Mike Wayne Says:

    Good stuff Tony! It reminds me of stories and pictures that my grandpa shared with me about the storm. The depth and detail of your presentation are right up there with the accounts that I have heard from him as he experienced the storm. Nice job of putting it together, you really did a good job covering the storm’s effects from the metro and across the state and the variety of the photos really add to the story. I look forward to your next podcast!

  6. Ben Gessner Says:

    Great job Tony – this is fantastic.

  7. Nancy Pustol Says:

    Wow. This was a very interesting bit of history I had no idea existed. Good job Tony!

  8. Marguerite Blodgett Says:

    Good story. Even with all our modern weather forecasting a storm like this one would still bring much of daily life to a halt. Nice selection of pictures.

  9. Patty Metzger Says:

    If ducks had the power of reason, they would find some irony in this.

  10. Ken Seguine Says:

    Thanks for this excellent report, not from MN and did not know.

    Ann Oliver reply on November 11th, 2010:

    A good friend, now deceased, talked about she was caught in the blizzard. She had been working at a hotel in downtown and lived in what was then northeast of the city, now Columbia Heights. She tried to take a street car, but they were not running. Her employer tried to take her home in his car and couldn’t get over the bridge. So she spent the night in the hotel. No communication then created worry for her family. Great job! Very interesting history.

  11. Armistice Day Storm: 70th Anniversary Says:

    [...] http://discussions.mnhs.org/collections/2010/11/armistice-day-blizzard-of-1940/ [...]

  12. mary lund Says:

    Fascinating pictures and narrative. My father had told me stories of this, and the impact of the storm on southeast MN. Your podcast really brought this day in history to life.

  13. Steve Marciniak Says:

    Hey Tony – great job! I was not aware of this storm – your podcast was very informative and interesting.

  14. Ginny Says:

    Really interesting and a great presentation, thanks!

  15. Cathy Wood Says:

    Very informative and interesting. The pictures really helped to tell the story. Please produce more historical podcasts like this one!

  16. David Lafko Says:

    Very informative research. Thanks for putting together such an amazing collection of photographs. They vividly depict the story. Will be on the lookout for the next podcast.

  17. Armistice Day Blizzard Says:

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