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December 31, 2009

Reddy Kilowatt Clock

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Reddy Kilowatt Clock, 1956

Reddy Kilowatt, retired mascot for the electric utility industry, remains a familiar figure. Created in 1926 by Ashton Collins of the Alabama Power Company, Reddy’s slogans and advertising products were used by more than 300 power companies across the country.  This clock in the Society’s collection is just one example of the products that carried his lightning bolt figure and accompanying slogans into the homes and memories of families growing up in the mid 20th century.  Years after hearing it, his “electricity is penny cheap…” jingle still plays in my head. Besides his light bulb nose and his light socket ears, this Reddy Kilowatt is dressed up for kitchen duty.   Named one of the top twenty product mascots in the United States, Reddy Kilowatt is a pop culture star with his jingles and products; even the Granite Falls, Minnesota high school adopted him as their mascot.

Linda McShannock, Objects Curator

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7 Responses to “Reddy Kilowatt Clock”

  1. James Johnson Says:

    That Reddy Kilowatt clock would like neat alongside my General Electric monitor-top refrigerator clock!

  2. Sue Hurst Says:

    My high school used Reddy Kilowatt as a mascot too… Charles F. Brush High School, Lyndhurst OH… home of the Arcs… mascot was the Arcy (but was Reddy Kilowatt).. Charles Brush invented the arc light.

  3. david Says:

    Dos anyone kow the value of Reddy Kilowatt clocks, similar to the one above?

  4. david Says:

    I have a reddy kilowatt wall clock, vintage from the 1950’s, and still works, I am told it came from el paso electri office that closed, years ago. I want to sell it, $1500 obo. Please let me know, and I will email photos

  5. Linda McShannock Says:

    Looks as if there are lots of Reddy Kilowatt collectibles for sale on Ebay. Adding another clock to the MHS collection isn’t one of our priorities, but maybe someone else out there is looking for one.

  6. cody Says:

    i have a pair of reddy killowatt skis and would like to know the approx value…any help would be appreciated…codywilson333@gmail.com

  7. chuck Says:

    I have 70 reddy kilowatts glowe in the dark card holder pluse thousands of heads hands feet.and about 150 bodys.looking for more stands. and the feet I have are all the same I need the foot that sits flat. willing to sell all $$$$ do not have count on parts ??? 3 or 4 5gal buckets full

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