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December 2, 2008

A Selection of Minnesota Quilts

Filed under: Podcasts and Slideshows — Jillian Odland @ 2:00 pm

A quilt can be something to keep you toasty warm on a chilly night, but it can also be a work of art. Quilts today are often created as serious artistic expression, but quilters of earlier centuries also could focus their work on artistry as much as utility. Textile curator Linda McShannock shows us some of her favorite examples of these artistic quilts from the Society’s collection, ranging in date from the 18th Century to the present.

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One Response to “A Selection of Minnesota Quilts”

  1. James Harrington Says:

    This is an excellent way to promote the amazing quilt collection at MHS. The information provided by Ms. McShannock is very helpful and interesting. I really appreciate this kind of thing. I’d like to see more informational podcasts in other areas of the collection.

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