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June 24, 2008

‘Thank God and FDR’ on WCCO!

Filed under: What's New — Lori Williamson @ 9:35 am

Art curator Brian Szott was interviewed on WCCO television on Sunday, June 29, as part of their Finding Minnesota segment. He gave a wonderful overview of the current Hill House exhibit, ‘Thank God and FDR’, which is on view until November.

Watch the interview, and come see the show!

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One Response to “‘Thank God and FDR’ on WCCO!”

  1. Mia Newman Koerner Says:

    Thank you for bringing this American Art to the public.
    I have enjoyed this web site and your attention to detail to structure and catalog these wonderful works during a miserable time in our history.
    Perhaps they will teach us all that during these dark times we too can still express ourselves and be appreciated for the individual spirit which made us resilient and great.

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