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January 9, 2008

Camera Ojibwe – The Photos

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Diane Adams-Graf, Curator of Sound & Visual Collections, and Marcia Anderson, Senior Curator, discuss photographs featured in the 2007 exhibit “Camera Ojibwe.”

We Are at Home, the book by Bruce White that inspired “Camera Ojibwe,” is available in the Online Store.

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One Response to “Camera Ojibwe – The Photos”

  1. John Francis Says:

    I just watched the Vid-cast of Camera Objibwe…WOW. It was very well done and the speakers were clear and intelligent…a credit to the society. Being a long-time photo enthusiast, I was very impressed by the selection of photos and the curators’ grasp of the technology. Kudos! I wish I could have seen the exhibit in person…it llooks as though MHS opened the vault and displayed a lot of REAL artifacts (so often missing in exhibits today). Too bad it wasn’t up longer. An exhibit of that quality should be given a chance to “reach its stride.” Will it be made into a traveling exhibit, I wonder?

    Again, thank you for the chance to “tour” the exhibit on my computer…the next best thing to being there!

    John Francis
    Jackson, Missouri

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