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November 10, 2011

Big Little Brother–A Book of Fact

Filed under: Kevin Kling — Mary Poggione @ 12:11 pm

Big Little BrotherBig Little Brother, a new children’s picture book and iPad app by Kevin Kling and Chris Monroe, was just honored by a wonderful, thoughtful review in the New York Times Online.

The article describes it as  “an exceptionally funny and bittersweet book that any reader, young or old, who has been an older sibling will warm to.”

But there is another passage we would like to address: “The book rests on the slightly absurdist premise of a 2-year-old child growing larger than his 4-year-old brother.”

We understand why some might find this hard to believe, but, as Kevin Kling has said, Big Little Brother is “a book of fact,” and we have a video of Kevin and his actual big little brother, Steve, to prove it:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Little Brother--including upcoming events and another video!

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