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November 19, 2010

A great escape–into history

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Wishing for a Snow DayNews got you down? Want to escape to childhood? How about someone ELSE’S childhood? Join Peg Meier, author of Wishing for a Snow Day: Growing Up in Minnesota, for a lovely and loving look through the decades at Minnesota’s children, as they struggle with familiar problems and find novel solutions. For example, Coco Irvine, busted in 1927 for stealing her school’s silverware (you’ll have to read the book to find out why!), made peace with her parents:


I decided I better tell them all before anyone else did, so I met them at the door, crying. It was not all put on either as I was really scared nearly out of my mind. Daddy can be quite fierce and mother gets mad at much less things than this. Well, I worked myself into a good case of hysterics and cried so hard I couldn’t talk. They got scared and probably thought I had found I had an incurable disease, or something. Daddy kept saying, “Come on now, nothing can be as bad as all that.” Finally I decided they would probably forgive me anything they were so scared I would die of hysterics. They were very kind about it and decided I was being punished enough at school and I can even go to dancing school on Friday. It pays to know how to manage things. If I had been defiant, things might have had a disastrous turn for the worse. As it is, I feel so peaceful I can even enjoy being a martyr now.


Meier is appearing at readings in Red Wing, Fergus Falls, Minneapolis, Wayzata, Northfield, and Minnetonka between now and Christmas. Stop by and say hello!


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