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November 30, 2009

A Chill in the Air?

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Bring Warm ClothesA lovely warm November is ending, and it looks like we’re going to have winter after all. Got warm clothes? Peg Meier’s best-selling Minnesota scrapbook Bring Warm Clothes shows how others dealt with the cold and helped shape who Minnesotans are today. A few of the hundreds of stories she tells are showcased in the popular Twin Cities Public Television program inspired by the book. According to the show’s production journal,shooting the story about the grasshopper plagues was especially challenging: “These grasshoppers are expensive little bugs . . . 4 live ones and one that died on us for $50 . . . The thing with bugs of course is when it’s cold, they sort of slow way down . . . like waaaaaay down . . . So the starring monsters of terror were motionless as they hit the cold window sill of the cold historic house.”

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