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June 19, 2009

Opening Goliath in Natural History Magazine

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COVER: Opening GoliathBorealis Books author Cary J. Griffith and his book Opening Goliath were  featured in the June issue of Natural History Magazine.

“For the great silent majority who prefer to cheat death by staying aboveground–in other words, for those who don’t suffer from that peculiar mental affliction called caving–Griffith provides a safe and sane way of exploring the underground realm.” Natural History Magazine

The last thing John Ackerman wants to do is dive another cave sump. But he and John Preston have worked throughout the last month preparing for this moment, reviewing the entire trip more times than he can count. They have carefully compiled just the right mixture of scuba gear, surveying equipment, and survival provisions. And here he is, suiting up with Preston to scuba dive a tight, difficult crossing into the newly discovered cave—now named the Iconoclast Section.

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